Our Mission | Upcycled Music

Upcycled Music?  Upcycling materials is rapidly gaining momentum in popular culture as a means of re-purposing materials and goods in order to give them a new life.  This is exactly the idea behind our programming aims and methods at the Pythagoras Ensemble.  We are taking the old, the new, the borrowed, and the blues and giving them the new life they deserve.  Our mission is to engage audiences with multi-genre programming that looks at music from a different perspective.   The concert platform has had many advances over the past few centuries but one main idea has stuck: programming concerts by genre.  Why?  Who says we have to do this?  What is wrong with Duke Ellington and Debussy side-by-side?  The music of Jimi Hendrix and Vivaldi jamming on the same stage?  French baroque music infused with avant garde composers of the late 20th century?  Today, many artists explore genres outside their speciality but the Pythagoras Ensemble takes this a step further and actively mixes up styles and performers that ordinarily don't go together.  

Our first project, TangoFugue (2011/12), explored the music of Piazzolla alongside fugues by JS Bach and his admirers (Mozart and Mendelssohn).  We even threw in Fugata , a tango driven fugue by Piazzolla himself.  This concert proved to be a critical success and we left the audience wanting more.

Another crucial aspect of our mission is to bring together established ensembles and throw them into the mix.  We have string quartets, early music specialists, piano trios, jazz ensembles, mixed media and electronic music specialists,  composers, Latin music specialists, leading soloists, and seasoned orchestral players all ready to take on the challenge of finding a new road for concert music.